Riding on the wave of Our Oceans Challenge

The world’s oceans are a wild and wonderful resource but a growing population and expanding economy is putting pressure on our natural resources.  

Our Ocean Challenge

To combat this, Fugro has joined forces with ‘Our Oceans Challenge’ (OOC) a collaboration which so far involves more than 685 people, from over 50 organisations determined to protect and safeguard our oceans. 

In December 2016 OOC launched an on-line platform, open to all, which invites industry and the public to generate ideas and creative solutions to urgent sustainability challenges.  In just 3-months more than 166 ideas and 642 solutions have been generated.

OOC is a unique initiative that acknowledges the difficult times that the offshore industry is facing, brings together all industry partners and delivers real solutions to real sustainability challenges.

All ideas submitted to the portal are reviewed by a diverse group of Ocean Experts, including Fugro, and are assessed for their potential to be accelerated and shaped into viable and business-ready solutions.

“As a major international player in the offshore industry, we know only too well the importance of balancing ocean protection with the use and exploitation of oceans space and resources," states Ton Berendsen, Fugro Business Development Manager Sustainability. "OOC is a unique initiative that acknowledges the difficult times that the offshore industry is facing, brings together all industry partners and delivers real solutions to real sustainability challenges.  It’s something that Fugro feels really passionate about as an industry partner”.

Selecting the award-winning ideas

The group of ocean experts has also selected 20 of the most promising ideas submitted so far and these are being taken forward with partner organisations for further development.  All 20 ideas will be showcased at a grand final in Rotterdam in June where the best ideas will receive awards. 

“The scope and standard of the ideas submitted has been very impressive,” added Ton Berendsen. “We were delighted that two of our ideas were amongst the 20 shortlisted suggestions for further development, an offshore data portal and combining windmills and wave energy .”

OOC partners

Fugro idea 1 - Offshore data portal

Spatial planning in the ocean environment is important and often complex, especially in busy ocean areas.  For example, the development of an offshore wind farm could rely on up to 28 different layers of data and information (geology, steel price, logistics, ecology, etc.).

This idea is all about creating simplicity around data and information by creating an open data portal for public and private sectors to share their up-to-date data and all available information.  It is hoped that the results of better data and information will be result in lower costs and a reduction in the economic and environmental risks.

Fugro idea 2 - Combined wind and wave energy

Combining existing wind turbines with a fitted buoy system to generate energy from wave-movement is the second idea being developed further with Fugro.  The proposal seeks to combine wave and wind energy in one plant. Using existing wave-power technology, the existing wind-farm power network and the existing wind turbines as the foundation for buoys to create a dual-purpose energy generation infrastructure. When wind is not available, power is still generated with a wave generator.

More information on the OOC is available from www.ouroceanschallenge.org

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