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05 October 2021 By Javier Tegedor SpaceStar® Product Owner

As the regions of space around Earth become increasingly crowded with new satellites, the most popular orbits are becoming hazardous and could reach a level at which a collision between two objects would result in a cascade. But new technologies such as Fugro’s SpaceStar® are being developed that enable companies and agencies to know precisely where their assets are in real time. Not only protecting against collisions, but improving outcomes and enabling new applications for Earth monitoring. 


  • Ane Aanesland, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ThrustMe
  • Mark Heine, Chief Executive Officer, Fugro
  • Javier Tegedor, Global Navigation Satellite System Scientist, Fugro
  • Pieter van Duijn, Chief Technology Officer, Loft Orbital
  • Tyler Jones, Senior Advisor, National Infrastructure, Norwegian Space Agency


To read the European Space Agency’s latest Space Environment Report, click here.


This episode was made in partnership with Engineering Matters.

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