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10 May 2014 |   ByJonathan Ainley
Fugro Author

Fugro has measured data in water depths from five to over 3,000 metres and recently recorded simultaneous deployments in Africa, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Brunei, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Liberia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Norway, Oman, Philippines, South Africa, Suriname, UAE, UK, Uruguay, USA and Vietnam. Parameters measured include currents, waves, water level, temperature, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen.

A JIP underway in Suriname is reaping the benefits of access to Fugro’s extensive equipment pool – the largest commercially available in the world. The project, involving four operators, consists of four moorings deployed in water depths between 1,660 and 2,400 metres. As well as wide geographical coverage of measured data the JIP operators benefit from cost efficiencies in items such as vessels, logistics and fieldwork.

In Australia, Fugro has deployed a pair of current moorings for high resolution CTD measurements through the upper 200 metres. Data will be utilised to aid FLNG engineering design, detect internal waves and for model validation.

High Quality Data Return

Together with model validation, data is measured to support field development projects. Deployments can last up to 24 months and may comprise many moorings, as in the case of a pipeline route from a deepwater FPSO location to a coastal terminal.

As client operations move into deeper, harsher, more remote locations the importance of understanding metocean parameters increases. Fugro’s investment in new equipment continues to grow, along with methods for data transfer and display. “Working in such challenging environments poses a high risk in terms of loss or failing of equipment,” says Jonathan Ainley, Commercial Manager at Fugro GEOS. “Armed with expert knowledge of global oceanography, careful planning, well designed moorings and capable technical staff we ensure that our clients receive a high return of quality data."

Did you know?

In January 2014, Fugro had metocean moorings deployed simultaneously in over 20 countries.


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