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15 March 2014 |   ByM Wood
Fugro Author
A team of AUV operators, surveyors and data processors from Fugro recently travelled to Baffin Bay, Greenland. Air-freighting its Echo Mapper II AUV system, the team conducted a series of high resolution geophysical site surveys.
Good quality, high-resolution geophysical data provided by AUVs are increasingly in demand, particularly as worldwide energy exploration and production in deeper water continues to expand. Not only do they provide high-resolution data, multibeam echosounder bathymetry, side scan sonar seabed imagery and sub-bottom profiler imagery but, together with precise positioning, AUV surveys can also support geotechnical engineers with the information needed for risk assessment.

Mexico 2011
Echo Mapper II AUV

Despite limited knowledge of the seafloor morphology and a hazardous remote environment, the integrated team from Fugro bases in the UK and the USA successfully completed the AUV portion of all permitted site surveys. The survey yielded striking images of the seafloor and allowed the continuation of the environmental portion of the 2013 Baffin Bay Project.
John Wood, Project Manager, Fugro Survey Ltd

Comparatively few AUVs are in service around the world; this can cause significant backlogs in delivery or can mean that vessels equipped with AUVs need to travel prohibitive distances between job sites, particularly those in remote areas.

Echo Mapper II AUV enables Fugro to avoid such problems. It is designed to be disassembled, securely packaged in shipping crates and despatched for rapid mobilisation on vessels of opportunity around the world. At under 4 metres long and weighing about 500 kilogrammes,  Echo Mapper II is easily transported by air freight on standard passenger aircraft.


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