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30 June 2017 |   ByFugro Media
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Fugro’s ongoing global commitment to the highest standards of Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) is routinely demonstrated through the successful delivery and management of projects around the world, and by the number of safety awards the company receives. 

In May, at a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Shell Malaysia presented Fugro’s regional Support Team with a bronze award in the Upstream business category, recognising the Team’s contribution to HSSE awareness, competency and accountability within local diving operations. 

Fugro is a great partner, helping us to raise understanding and upskill competencies among local divers. Companies want to employ commercial divers with a good track record in safety, and, in turn divers want to know the company they work for will look after their wellbeing, raise their skills and promote expertise in safe diving practices
Datuk Iain Lo, Chairman of Shell Malaysia Companies

Despite pressures to drive down project costs in an increasingly challenging economic climate, Fugro is committed to continually improving the safety culture, operating environment and wellbeing of its diving teams. Acknowledging this through the award, Shell praised the high degree of adoptability that its HSSE initiatives and best practices have had across the Malaysian oil and gas industry.

This is exactly what Fugro has done - introducing new measures to support its divers before, during and after each dive, including the best systems for deepwater diver extraction and rehabilitation, and initiatives that reinforce the importance of divers being responsible for both their own safety and those of colleagues. 

“This award confirms to both local and international divers that Fugro is sincere about HSSE issues and is a safe and responsible company to work for”, said Fabienne Ellington, Fugro’s IRM and Installation Service Line Manager in Asia.   

The Shell award follows Fugro’s excellent HSSE performance results in 2016, despite the challenging oil and gas market. Through genuine engagement, certified training programmes, workforce familiarisation and one-on-one assessments, Fugro ensures that its diving teams are equipped and competent to carry out complex IRM work safely and responsibly. 

Through this award, Shell Malaysia has reaffirmed that Fugro is an employer of choice, respected across the region as consistently delivering a superior service in line with Shell’s own standards and expectations. 

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