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12 October 2016 |   ByAndy McNeill
Fugro Author

The Fugro Academy, a global group-wide initiative to develop staff and support recruitment is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month.

The programme’s inception came in March 2006, as the result of a business proposal task in a mini-MBA style training scheme dubbed the pilot senior management development programme.  The task grouped four or five delegates together, and they had to think of projects that could add value to the Fugro organisation. One of the ideas was the concept of the Fugro Academy.

What was initially expected to be a one-off senior management development programme eventually became a series of 12 programmes from 2006 to 2010. A key to our continued success is ensuring our relevance to the business and helping support strategy implementation throughout the organisation. We continue to review and update our portfolio, identifying opportunities to add value to corporate initiatives, trialling new learning technology and concepts, and keeping close to our internal customers are ongoing activities for the team.
Andy McNeill, Global Talent Development Manager, Fugro

After some development work by a separate working party, and several months of planning, the organisation launched the academy, offering online as well as classroom training across the Fugro group for the first time.

In mid-2006, an internal recruitment campaign ran to find experienced field staff that could be taught how to deliver training sessions to the large influx of field staff that had been hired within the Offshore Survey Division. Of the initial four trainers that were hired, two are still with the Fugro Academy today.

The Fugro Academy working party took the lead with different divisions to promote and develop Fugro Academy for the business.  Other departments took note; the Offshore Geotechnical division developed a series of geotechnical programmes and e-learning modules, many of which are still in use today.  The Survey Division’s portfolio of courses, e-learning and trainers grew over time, supporting system roll outs such as StarfixNG and Starfix.Proc.  In the Subsea Division, the focus was on e-learning for ROV pilot induction and use of the ROV simulator developed internally by Fugro. 
Overall since 2006, we have now delivered over 180 management and business skill development courses or programmes of different types.

The use of e-learning has been a core part of the Fugro Academy, in order to deliver a consistent message to staff all over the world. Initially focused on technical knowledge, systems and processes as these are very specific to Fugro, e-learning has over time also included HSE, project management, induction and HR policies, ICT systems and policies, compliance and soft skills training.  Many of these courses have been developed by Fugro staff with subject matter knowledge, supported by a team of e-learning development specialists.

Over the last 10 years, Fugro Academy, like Fugro, has had to evolve as we learned from our experiences.  We’ve had to adapt to new technology such as smartphones and tablets.  Some courses have been dropped due to lack of interest, while others have prospered.  We established two training centres as we found that some training sessions required specific equipment and vessels. Our training centre in Plymouth in the UK is fully equipped for survey training with boats and survey equipment, and the centre in Abu Dhabi which also offers ROV training boasts a state-of-the-art ROV simulator and has direct access to Fugro’s own quayside and equipment within the base area.

On the eve of our 10 year anniversary, the take up of e-learning and training at Fugro is at an incredible high compared to our small and modest origins.  Two thousand eight hundred delegates have participated in one or more of 180 courses we’ve offered over the last decade. Survey technical training has seen over 11,000 staff participate in almost 50,000 days of training, while over 350,000 e-learning modules have been completed.

Our vision from the start was that all Fugro employees would have access to Fugro Academy and we’re very nearly there.

Refer to the Fugro Academy section for more information.

Did you know?

Our most popular e-learning course is the Golden Rules of HSE with over 8,600 enrolments, followed by the Anti-Bribery and Corruption course with 7,500 enrolments.


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