First female ROV pilot

A woman with a passion for the sea

In an industry that isn’t generally attractive to women, a recent graduate of Fugro’s ROV training course is a driven woman, passionate about exploring the sea.

Magdalena Gos Fugro ROV graduate
Graduate Magdalena Joanna Gos receives her ROV training certificate from Massimo Brebbia, MD Fugro Subsea
It’s rare to see women working in the ROV industry. Magdalena worked very hard and she has the drive and ambition to go far.
Darren Walley, Subsea Division Training Manager, Fugro.
Fugro ROV trainee

After a hands-on 4-week course at Fugro’s ROV training centre, Magdalena Gos, the centre’s first female trainee, graduated at the top of her class and hopes to influence more women to consider a career in this industry.

“It’s rare to see women working in the ROV industry,” says Training Manager, Darren Walley. “Magdalena worked very hard and she has the drive and ambition to go far. Her constant desire for perfection will undoubtedly lead her to success.”

Magdalena (30) is Polish and following matriculation aged 19 was eager to study something technical and practical, opting for navigation at the Polish Naval Academy. Following graduation she worked on a naval vessel and then moved to the merchant fleet, gaining eight years’ experience in marine and seismic work.

“The main responsibility of an ROV pilot is remotely navigating the vehicle, in up to 4,000 m of water, while operating the equipment to complete tasks,” explains Magdalena. “An ROV is used to explore the seabed, to repair or inspect underwater structures and equipment, and for tasks such as picking up items or recording information on video.” Responsibilities also include maintenance, repair and testing of the ROV equipment.

Did she enjoy the course? “Yes, every moment of it! The theory perfectly prepared me for the practical side of things.” Along with continuous development and gaining new experiences, what appeals to her about her new role is being part of a professional world-class team.

More information on the Fugro ROV Training centre is available here.


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ROV Training Centre

Fugro’s purpose-built training facilities in Abu Dhabi include a state-of-the-art ROV simulator and dedicated workshops. Designed to produce professional personnel with a high degree of competency, the comprehensive ROV training course combines hands on experience with structured studies.
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