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19 October 2015 |   ByFugro Media
Fugro Author
With a sharper-than-ever focus on requirements for cost efficiency, safety and ease of operation in the offshore oil and gas industry, Fugro’s investment in new technological developments has delivered innovations that support long term sustainability in the sector.

In September 2015, at Fugro’s inaugural Offshore Survey Innovation Fair in Delft, the Netherlands, attendees were guided through an impressive showcase of applications and technology specifically for offshore field design, development, inspection and maintenance. The inspiring event highlighted the power of innovation in creating and maintaining a competitive advantage and its importance as a key strategy driver for Fugro.



The Programme

The Innovation Fair format provides an insight into cutting edge technology developments. Presentations, workshops and demonstrations cover both currently available applications and a selection of innovative prototypes. The event is enriched with interaction and engagement with attendees as they share thoughts and opinions. Ample opportunities to meet and interrogate Fugro’s developers, engineers and commercial staff promote lively discussions, underlining the importance of dialogue between company and client.

A Selection Of Fugro’s Innovations For Offshore Operations

Accurate and continuous hands-off positioning through video stream tracking of 3D structures. The position, heading, pitch and roll of the structure are accurately calculated in real-time using advanced vision-based technology. 3Direct® enhances safety and operational control during lifting and lowering operations, such as for subsea jacket installation.
A unique approach combining innovative mapping techniques with cutting edge data processing and cloud computing capabilities. Roames delivers a complete and accurate 3D virtual model of any asset environment. Subsequent asset and integrity management is made easy and cost efficient through automatic change detection and automated prioritisation of anomalies. 
During offshore installation and hammering operations of a pile, continuous, vision-based pile edge tracking determines the inclination. InclinoCam® enhances operational continuity, improves safety and decreases installation time.
Subsea lidar
The next step in the evolution of project mapping and measurement. Subsea lidar technology collects detailed and accurate 3-dimensional point clouds of complex subsea components using non-contact, laser technology.
Office Assisted Remote Services (OARS) enables safe, precise, real-time positioning monitoring that minimises or eliminates the requirement for survey specialists on board an operational vessel.
A wide range of forecasting and monitoring techniques in one Fugro service, supporting floating asset integrity management. NorthStar simplifies onboard operations and optimises production uptime.  
A precise, robust and adaptable subsea survey system designed especially for subsea pipeline inspection. Seastriper® provides ultra-dense, very precise and efficient laser induced point cloud generation for fast, high density, high accuracy subsea surveying without acoustic noise interference.  
A fixed frame gradiometer system mounted to a remotely operated towed vehicle. The customised design allows for measurement of the vertical and horizontal gradient, producing a high resolution magnetic dataset which is proven to reduce the number of ‘false positives’. 

The 2016 #AskFugro programme showcases Fugro’s global ingenuity: a focus on a different challenge each week throughout the year is paired with Fugro's innovative solution to that challenge. A culture of ingenuity, together with a policy of investment in technological development, has enabled Fugro to think differently, pushing back the boundaries of possibility and improving accuracy and reliability. #AskFugro acknowledges the critical role this plays in supporting clients in the challenges they face. www.fugro.com/ask


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