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01 March 2014 |   ByA Vdberge
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As the world’s leading overwater marine drilling contractor, Fugro applies its geotechnical services and specialist foundation solutions to worldwide projects in marine construction, renewable energy, oil and gas and mining.

Fugro’s unique offering underlies a solid history of successful exploration and construction projects, designing, building and operating equipment suitable for even the most hostile and technically demanding environments. A team of design and engineering professionals undertakes continual innovation and testing at its purpose-built premises in order to provide safe, effective and bespoke drilling solutions that meet the exacting requirements of  every project.


Our drilling rigs and associated equipment are custom built for specific markets and projects. We are constantly seeking to expand the parameters of drilling technology.
Alun Jones, Fugro Seacore Ltd

Making up Fugro’s project teams are talented people who work closely with clients, partners and stakeholders in the capacity of principal contractor, subcontractor or as part of a joint venture.


Fugro has the largest known fleet of specialist pile-top rigs and the most recent addition is the powerful T120. It is the fifteenth pile top drill in the Fugro fleet and, with 120 tonnes of rotational torque, it is designed to assist in the installation of monopiles for offshore wind farm developments. The T120 is capable of drilling holes with diameters up to eight metres.

Weighing around 350 tonnes it is believed to be the biggest reverse circulation drill rig and drill bit in existence and Fugro completed this design and build project in just seven months – two months ahead of schedule. The project also included a new conductor, constructed in lattice form, which allows the drilling assembly to be stacked vertically, saving valuable deck space. It can also be installed quickly as a single unit onto the pile, reducing mobilisation time.


Between February and July, Fugro will operate the new T120 pile top drill at the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm. Located 8 kilometres off the UK’s Yorkshire coast, the wind farm will contain thirty-five turbines of 6MW capacity. The 6.5 metre-diameter piles will be installed using the ‘drive, drill, drive’ technique pioneered by Fugro.

Together with Fugro’s engineering expertise and pioneering techniques, the T120 is expected to reduce the installation time for this wind farm development, along with associated costs.

Oil and gas Adapted downhole equipment at BP’s Shah Deniz field, Caspian Sea, to carry large diameter casings through 103m of water; drilled 27m into the seafloor to pin the seabed template
Offshore wind farms Installed foundation piles for the world’s first offshore wind farm of its type in Gotland, Sweden. Subsequent projects generally involve the installation of large diameter monopile foundations for wind turbines and met masts
Nuclear plants Pioneered the first outfall shaft of its kind - in open sea with strong currents and 20m water depth - at Flamanville Power Station, Northern France. Using its largest and most powerful drill, a 63m deep, 6.5m diameter shaft in iron ore infused granite was created
Ports, harbours, jetties A range of drilling services for port construction (including jetty pile installations) and maintenance from Cape Lambert, Australia to Gothenburg, Sweden

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