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28 April 2015 |   ByV Lubbers
Fugro Author

While a sustainable water supply is essential to companies all over the world, they are often faced with environmental and regulatory problems. A water resource survey can help to optimise an organisation’s water strategy.

Water Scarcity

It is often assumed that fresh water will be available in unlimited supply, even by organisations that consume large volumes of it. But problems such as declining groundwater levels, rivers and lakes drying up and deteriorating water quality are becoming increasingly common. In some areas, groundwater extraction may only be permitted for drinking water supply. The risks include misguided investments, legal proceedings and ecological disasters.

As production processes are increasingly expected to be more sustainable companies all over the world will be required to develop a vision for their water consumption.

New Survey Tool

Fugro has recently combined its global expertise in soil, geology and hydrogeology with the extensive experience of environmental consultants and water quality specialists, Aqua-Terra Nova. The combination of these two disciplines has resulted in the development of the water resource survey (WRS).

This new tool indicates how various industries, including the greenhouse cultivation sector and agro-food companies, can make optimal and sustainable use of limited volumes of fresh water. It identifies various elements for each potential water source, such as availability, quality, extraction and re-extraction, required purification and associated investments.  The survey is preferably conducted in advance, but can also be prepared to support the expansion of existing operations.

A WRS enables the water supply to be managed in a sustainable and financially responsible way, allowing companies to determine their strategy over the medium term.


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