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22 December 2016 |   ByFugro Media
Fugro Author
The latest issue of Cross Section, the Fugro Magazine, is now available online

As you’d expect from the Fugro magazine, you can read about new technology and innovation and how it’s applied around the world.

Cross Section 30
One example is GeoWing which is undertaking a vital role surveying the seabed at offshore wind farm developments for unexploded ordnance. At Vattenfall’s Horns Rev 3 site, positive identification of a large WW2 mine led to a controlled detonation, which you can watch online (go to page 11 for the YouTube link).

In the Southern Hemisphere Fugro’s airborne technology has been recognised with a Spatial Excellence Award. Not only did our airborne lidar survey help the Samoan government by identifying risks, including tsunamis and storm surges, but it also demonstrates a solid commitment to technical excellence. 

Back at ground level (and up to 200 metres below it) completion of a site characterisation programme in Dubai represented one of the most comprehensive in the region. Meeting a demanding design programme, our team in the Middle East conducted geotechnical investigations for the iconic new ‘Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour.’

Together with marine and land projects in coastal areas of the UK, the southern Indian Ocean and Hong Kong, as well as a collection of awards and accreditations and more, there are plenty of stories to grab your attention in this issue. Enjoy !

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