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Engineering Geophysics Seminar

A seminar for professionals and clients interested in reducing ground risk through effective use of geophysical methods. Overview of techniques and innovations. Case studies will include investigation of brownfield sites, ground stratigraphy, structural geology, geohazards and determination of engineering parameters. 

16 May - 16 May 2019
Fugro House
Wallingford, United Kingdom
Alice Noyes

Why attend?

Engineers and infrastructure owners face growing pressure to complete projects: recent developments in geophysics can deliver unique subsurface insight to support design optimisation and reduce risk in key areas including safety, programme, environmental impact and cost.

What are we talking about?

Speakers will offer advice on how to commission an effective investigation, provide an overview of established and novel technologies and describe real life applications:

  • employing geophysics for maximum effect - why an integrated multi-phase approach delivers best value, the role of geophysics in the wider site characterisation picture<
  • overview of surface and borehole methods for land and shallow water applications – including electromagnetic, magnetic, gravity, seismic and wireline techniques
  • applications and outcomes: including ground stratigraphy and structure, man-made and natural cavities, faulting and geohazards, hydrogeology, contamination, engineering properties, buried utilities and other built environment applications
  • getting more from the data - delivering information via online portals for instant shared access, building robust ground models based on multiple data streams

Case studies will highlight the value of an approach based on partnership and innovation.

The event is free of charge to professionals working in the industry and will provide a valuable technical update as well as a great opportunity to network with other asset owners, consultants and contractors. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and interaction with the experts.

Fugro House
Hithercroft Road
United Kingdom
OX10 9RB

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