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Discover InnoTamp for smarter design tamping

Discover InnoTamp for smarter design tamping

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25 March 2021, 10.00-12:00 GMT 

InnoTamp is a ground-breaking research project that aims to develop a process to improve the affordability of design tamping so that it can be rolled out to more of the national rail network – on regular as well as high-speed lines.

In this webinar we will present the results of this pioneering nine-month project and demonstrate that proven design tamping technologies can be integrated seamlessly into a real-world railway environment without the need for traditional manual track surveys. 

Why attend

InnoTamp is a completely different, ‘design first’ approach to tamping based on Fugro’s innovative RILA monitoring system. The solution supports more sustainable whole-life geometry and increased track quality, which ultimately will help network operators reduce maintenance costs and improve safety.


  • Annual cost-saving resulting from improved tamping productivity
  • Lower annual maintenance costs over time, because of less ‘wear and tear’
  • Safety improvement due to reduction in on-track surveys
  • Enhanced passenger comfort
  • Higher network uptime and less disruption to rail services
  • Increased environmental sustainability


  • Challenges of track maintenance
  • The InnoTamp research project
  • Results summary
  • Recommendations and future plans

Detailed programme will be made available in due course.

The ‘First of a Kind’ project is funded by the Department of Transport U.K. and delivered by InnovateUK. Fugro conducted the research project in cooperation with Network Rail.

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