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VEB settlement

On 15 October 2020, Fugro issued a press release at 15:05 CET in relation to discussions with its financing banks and potential investors with respect to the discussions on its refinancing. 

Vereniging van effectenbezitters ("VEB") has taken the position that its members and partners who have bought Fugro shares on Euronext Amsterdam between 12:46 and 15:05 CET on 15 October 2020 and who subsequently sold such Fugro shares before 20 October 2020 should be compensated in as far as the sales price was lower. 

Although Fugro is convinced it acted wholly within the law and does not admit any guilt or liability, Fugro has been willing to resolve this matter with the VEB in the best interest of the company.

Therefore Fugro agreed to pay VEB members and partners – who were a VEB member or VEB partner on 15 October 2020 – the difference between (i) the acquisition price of Fugro shares bought on 15 October 2020 between 12:46 and 15:05 CET on Euronext Amsterdam and (ii) the lower sales price of such shares subsequently sold after 15 October 2020 at 15:05 CET and before 20 October 2020 on Euronext Amsterdam. 

If VEB members or VEB partners believe that they fall within the reach of this arrangement, they can send an e-mail to ir@fugro.com ultimately on 30 May 2021. Please note that in order to qualify, the investor needs to include proof of VEB membership as at 15 October 2020, and evidence of the purchase order of shares on Euronext between 12.46 and 15.05 o’clock on 15 October 2020 and the sale of such shares on Euronext after 15.05 o’clock on 15 October 2020 but before 20 October 2020. Please send this evidence together with the form included here

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