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Reasons to invest

Why should you invest in Fugro?

  • We are the world’s leading Geo-data specialist with leadership positions in each of our core businesses. We offer the widest breadth of services among companies that are active across each of marine and land site characterisation and asset integrity services, and are the global number one or number two participant in almost all the businesses in which we operate. In the land sector, we are one of only a few companies to offer integrated Geo-data services globally.
  • We are a critical supplier to growing markets. Our key markets are oil & gas, renewables, infrastructure and nautical. Macro trends are in our favour with solid growth in underlying markets: ongoing population growth, urbanisation and climate change lead to an increasing demand for our services, as Fugro’s Geo-data expertise is essential to create a safe and liveable world
  • We have a balanced, and increasingly diverse, exposure to multiple market segments and geographies. Around 50% of Fugro’s revenues is generated with oil and gas related clients, and the other 50% mostly relate to infrastructure, renewables, power and nautical markets. 
  • We have a global reach, with major hubs in each region and a local presence in 61 countries in total. As a company with global reach, we are able to offer our services throughout the year across geographies and seasons. 
  • We have a wide and diversified customer base, both across markets and within each of our key end markets. This wide and diversified customer base results in the absence of significant client concentration, with 15 customers representing more than 1% of total revenues each in 2019, and typically no customer representing more than 5% of total revenues in a single year.
  • Clients value us for our operational excellence. We have over 55 years of track record and employ people from more than 100 nationalities. We are the largest employer of Geo-specialists in the world, employing over 400 research and development engineers and 25 data scientists, of which approximately 70% are in software and data science. Our highly skilled and trained staff also allows us to make optimal use of our state-of-the art assets and provide high technology services and advice to clients.
  • We combine innovations in technology into integrated digital solutions for our customers. We are fully leveraging technology developments in the field of visualisation, robotics, connectivity and advanced analytics in order to offer safer, faster, more efficient and higher quality services; all in a more sustainable way. As a result, we are supporting our customers on their own digitalisation evolution, a strategic priority for most of our clients.

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