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Accelerate your project, de-risk the subsurface
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Gaia Insight delivers geotechnical, geological and structural insights to accelerate construction projects. The platform integrates site investigation, real-time IoT (sensor) and third-party data and it provides analytics required to de-risk and shorten your project cycle. 

Gaia Insight is designed to reduce uncertainties of the subsurface and the risks of geotechnical failure, avoiding disruption to the adjacent environment. The platform delivers actionable intelligence, reducing total project costs through lowered ground risk and accelerated project schedule. 


Agile geotechnical investigations, and faster delivery of your site investigation, reduces your project cycle by months
Early insight in subsurface behaviour translated to actionable intelligence, enables you to mitigate ground risk, de-risking the overall project
Gaia Insight provides a secure online collaborative environment and single point of truth, saving millions of e-mails in complex construction projects, reducing total cost of operations
Avoid unnecessary delay and disruption, validating real time design assumptions shortening project cycles


Gaia Insight is Fugro’s online georisk platform. It provides decision support and actionable intelligence based on site investigation data, analytics and real time geotechnical and structural monitoring. With built in functionality including bow-tie analysis and early warning alerts, it assists in minimising ground risk and provides real time insight in your project.   
Gaia Insight provides a clear overview of all data collected in project context, enabling access to the underlying data. By using Gaia Insight, we make your monitoring campaign insightful providing clear and powerful data visualisations, allowing you to make informed, timely decisions.   
Gaia Insight is currently used at some of the world’s largest infrastructure buildings sites and civil engineering assets. In more than a hundred projects Gaia Insight facilitates the decision support and provides the overview of data, by processing more than twelve million measurements per day. The underlying cloud platform provides a system uptime of more than 99.999 percent, ensuring outstanding reliability.  
Our platform is web-based and accessible through common browsers. Our IT infrastructure is cloud based and provides a virtual private cloud to guarantee data integrity, internet security and uptime. Gaia's interoperability ranges from industry standard data formats (AGS, GEF, GRU) and open standards.

Examples where ground risk management is important

Gaia Insight is an online platform, designed by experts for site characterisation and ground risk management. It efficiently communicates results of subsurface investigations and analytics, supporting the construction of critical infrastructure and energy utilities. 

Gaia Insight has successfully: 
  • De-risked construction projects in urban areas 
  • Accelerated complex infrastructure projects 
  • Enabled operational control in tunnelling projects 
  • Accelerated and optimised levee reconstructions