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Alex, Senior Onshore Geotechnical Engineer

Fugro employs teams of professional onshore geotechnical engineers to ensure the geotechnical features are considered in the infrastructure and developments owned by the client. We deliver the engineering input and service to the client for implementation of the project throughout the stages of feasibility study, detailed design, procurement, management, supervision and maintenance.

Alex's story

I have been working in Fugro for 10 years since graduating from University. Fugro has provided a structural training programme and variety of working experience to help me in developing my career as a geotechnical engineer. I am now working in a team providing geotechnical advice and design for the client on feasibility of development, site formation and natural terrain mitigation measures as well as foundation and excavation and lateral support for some infrastructure development in Hong Kong and other countries in South Asia.


Fugro acts like a big tree. It provides shelter and supplies nutrients for the growth of the staff and their fruitful life.

About onshore geotechnical engineers

Fugro’s onshore geotechnical engineers liaise with clients, contractors or other consultants and take actions to ensure all stages of project operations have been implemented promptly and to a satisfactory standard. We will determine the technical and quality standards for the project in accordance with Client/Statutory/Company requirements and ensure checking and reviews are sufficient and properly executed.

As part of Fugro standards, we continuously improve our technical knowledge and work procedures. From time to time, the engineer makes project design decisions and monitors deployment of resources, project progress and costs to ensure timely delivery within budget. Above all, we ensure conformity with regards to health and safety, quality control and technical requirements. Safety always matters.

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