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Darren, ROV Offshore Vessel Manager

Fugro is one of the largest ROV operating companies in the world. As subsea exploration goes deeper the technical challenges increase, Fugro maintains a position at the forefront of ROV technological advancement.

Darren's story

When I started working for Fugro Middle East as a trainee ROV Pilot, I was provided with a career structure and mentoring which would often push me out of my comfort zone but I was also given opportunities to prove my capabilities. I worked my way up through the ranks and now I am the ROV Offshore Vessel Manager and also responsible for the training of new ROV pilot technicians.

A typical day offshore will start before 6am and finish around midnight once the reporting has been completed.



Never be afraid to test yourself.

The only bad decision is no decision at all.

About ROV offshore vessel managers

ROV offshore Vessel Managers are responsible not only for the ROV crews and equipment, but the entire running of the contract. You are responsible for the vessel, crew, equipment and the management of the client representatives. The job has to be completed in a timely manner, but safely. As a team leader, you must maintain relationships will all departments on the vessel so when things go wrong they have faith in your decisions.

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