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James, Project Oceanographer

Fugro deploys a variety of metocean measuring instruments to enable us to gather data for our clients and to help them assess the cost and risk in future and current offshore developments.

James's Story

I have been working at Fugro for five years, starting as an Oceanographic Data Processor. Fugro has provided me with the training required to enable me to travel offshore on vessels and drilling installations to deploy metocean equipment and undertake oceanographic surveys in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. A typical offshore day involves a 12-hour shift, liaising with the client and vessel crew to ensure safe, successful deployments.


When in the office, I actively manage our incoming data feeds from installed moorings offshore. This data is fed through to our website to provide clients with near real-time data for ongoing operations.

It’s very rewarding being part of the offshore operations unit, where we all work with a common objective – the successful completion of the job.

About oceanographers

Oceanographers collect and analyse metocean data using a variety of instruments and techniques. Offshore, as Party Chiefs and Engineers, they are responsible for the acquisition of high quality data through careful planning of the project and ensuring operations are completed safely and on time. Onshore, they use proprietary software to analyse collected data and produce detailed reports on the metocean conditions at the deployment site. This is put into the context of the clients’ requirement, from platform life extension to subsea pipeline routes to FPSO mooring design. Receiving data and presenting it in real-time on our website can also be critical to some client operations.

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