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Donney, Failure Analysis / Corrosion Engineer

Fugro provides solutions and preventative measures to clients with failure problems such as pipeline leakage, offshore structure corrosion, concrete/pile cracking, etc., so that injuries, casualties and monetary losses can ultimately be prevented or minimised.

Donney's story

For the nearly 20 years that I have worked at Fugro as an engineer, I have learnt that this company is very supportive of exploring and experimenting new approaches in the aspect of material failure preventions. This specialised field is challenging and ever-changing, so is filled with learning opportunities. To ensure our success, Fugro provides specific training schemes that incorporate technical knowledge and analytical tools with real-life applications. With our expertise-based service providing fully integrated solutions to our clients, we are always ready to commit to Fugro’s success.


My daily work at Fugro is never boring; my team is always exposed to new problems, providing us lots of opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills. Keep asking questions!

About failure analysis/corrosion engineers

Failure analysis engineers gather information from both the material background and microscopical imprinted evidence. Through critical analysis and scrutiny, the cause of failure can be deduced. Remedial measures are then recommended to our clients to prevent future failure incidences. On the other hand, corrosion engineers focus on corrosion preventions of offshore/underground infrastructures, such as platforms, pipelines, storage tanks and concrete structure rebars, by designing impressed current supply systems integrated into those structures. By combining both fields of failure analysis and corrosion prevention, we can provide our clients with all-rounded solutions to metal failures.

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