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Sam, Assistant Geologist

My main role as an Assistant Geologist is to study and report on the specific geological information for the project area, helping the client to obtain data they need as input for geotechnical engineering in the construction industry.

Sam's story

I have been working with Fugro now for three years, based in Hong Kong having started as a logging geologist. Fugro’s worldwide network has provided me with international experience that has helped my development. I have been to the Philippines and Australia for work and training, met people from different Fugro companies, different countries and cultures and learnt how to work with them. All these valuable experiences have broadened my horizon and have helped build my professional knowledge.

Sam, Assistant Geologist

At the moment I am also working as part of the full-time site management team on a large near shore site investigation project. Apart from carrying out geological logging, I also supervise the site works including field-testing and I coordinate with suppliers, subcontractors and clients. I really enjoy working as a team to ensure the operations on site are undertaken smoothly, safely and, of course, meet client’s satisfaction.

Fugro’s worldwide network has provided international experience to my development.

All these valuable experiences have broadened my horizon and have helped build my professional knowledge.

About geologists

Fugro’s geologists carry out the accurate collection, interpretation and measurement of surface and sub-surface geological information required from study areas for both onshore, nearshore and offshore projects. This is done through logging of borehole cores, samples and outcrops, desktop studies and field-testing. Then the relevant details and results are recorded and reported. All of these have to be done in accordance to the prescribed specification. They also work as part of a team with other geotechnical engineers for site supervision and planning, liaise with clients and workers to ensure the site investigation works are carried out according to the progress and project requirements.

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