Mishra, Assistant Executive Geophysicist

As an Assistant Executive Geophysicist, I am involved in the acquisition, processing and reporting of geophysical data while ensuring its high quality.

Mishra's story

I am a post-graduate in Applied Geology and had two years of research experience in Micro Paleontology and one year of experience in Micro Seismology prior to joining Fugro. A marine-related project that I worked on during post-graduation further motivated me to choose a career in marine geophysics.

For a marine geophysicist, the role is very interesting as each job presents new challenges. Operating on a wide range of equipment, along with surveyors and engineers, involves great team work and camaraderie.


Arduous field work starts with being proficient in operating geophysical equipment like Sparker, Boomer, Digital Side Scan and a Magnetometer for the collection of valuable seabed and the subsea-bed information. Ensuring the high quality of data has become my virtue. I draw great satisfaction in interpretation of data to meet the requirements of the clients.

I’m proud to be a part of Team Fugro and feel privileged to work for different clients all over the globe.

About assistant executive geophysicists

My keen interest in Geology, Geophysics and the hard work during my studies has put me in good stead at my current role in Fugro. With a sound academic foundation and extensive training at Fugro, I developed into an experienced geophysicist. Extensive field work and varieties of jobs such as 2D Seismic Surveys, Refraction Surveys, Port and harbour development surveys and Inter-continental submarine cable route surveys further expanded my horizon. With systematic training and global job opportunities at Fugro, the sky is the limit for my professional achievements.

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