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Andy, Operations Manager

As co-manager of a group of 55 technical and non-technical employees, I am heavily involved in project financial success, client satisfaction, legal compliance, risk mitigation, project budgeting, scope development, project scheduling, and proposal writing and review. My role is primarily focused on the business and operations aspects of running a high-end geoconsultancy practice operating across the globe, often for projects in developing countries where management and logistics can be challenging and a where a cohesive team working towards the same goal is vital.

Andy's story

I joined Fugro in 2008 through an acquisition and have filled positions of increasing responsibility and visibility throughout my time with the company. My role has progressed from a start in the accounts payable department, to a role as marketing coordinator, then contracts manager, which grew to my current role in operations.

Andy, Operations Manager

With each promotion, I was able to take the experience gained from my prior role and apply the tools to my new job function. Each level of increasing responsibility has brought unforeseen challenges that have required tough decisions and justifications. I am asked to provide input to many, “business decisions” which have no textbook solutions. Assessing the potential consequences and benefits of these decisions necessitates a complex train of thought, identification of all of the issues, and weighing of many possible outcomes.  

Fugro has given me the opportunity, tools, and framework to grow professionally and personally enabling me to bring innovation and confidence to the challenges I’m faced with daily.

At Fugro, ideas are encouraged, teamwork is paramount, and the future is as bright as you can make it.

About operations manager

Many of my colleagues in Fugro’s management team climbed the technical (engineering, geology, etc.) ranks into a managerial position, whereas I come from a non-scientific background having a degree in business administration with a focus on management. In my group, we have found this unique perspective to be very beneficial as we take on specific tasks that are geared to the strengths of our personality and education. I lead/manage the administrative and non-technical components of our business while our professional team of engineering and geologic consultants focus on the science. We overlap in many places, including but not limited to contract and risk management, financial tracking and staffing of projects, and development of proposals.

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