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UGro graduate programme

U.Gro graduate programme

U.Gro is a 2 year to 4 year programme developed exclusively for graduates who have a Bachelors, Masters or PhD and less than 2 years of work experience to kick-start their career. 

U.Gro prepares you for a career path in your area of interest through a 360° development programme that combines on-the-job learning, special assignments, virtual and classroom training, and mentoring. 

On this programme, you will have the opportunity to build a valuable network within our organisation, grow personal leadership skills, and gain insight into how a business works. You will also receive extensive support from an experienced mentor to support you in your personal development.

U.Gro is the ideal journey if you are a graduate who wants to pursue their interests and build a career at Fugro!

Why Join? 

  • Increase your visibility within Fugro and have a platform to show potential
  • Develop through an accelerated learning curve and career path
  • Build a valuable internal network
  • Learn how a business works to define your own career aspirations 
  • Have a chance to make an impact on the future Fugro 


What will you learn?

  • The essential knowledge and skills you need to be effective in your daily actions and interactions
  • The knowledge and skills you need to achieve strategic and priorities over the next 2 years
  • The transformations you need to consider for a successful career

How can you join?

All new employees in Europe and Africa who have a Bachelors, Masters or PhD with less than 2 years of work experience can join this programme. Apply for a job and join team Fugro!

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