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Experienced professionals

Because you’re an experienced professional, we want you to utilise your professional knowledge and know-how to help drive our success. Whether you want to lead others, mentor others, or work with others, your professional maturity and knowledge allows you to contribute from your very first day at Fugro.

Industry Experience

Have you ever wondered where you would find your destination job within our industry? We believe that the challenges and complexities we face at Fugro on a day to day basis are interesting and rewarding, and that Fugro is THE destination job within our industry – the job which we look forward to every day.

As an experienced industry professional, there are many options available to you at Fugro. Do you want to lead others? Do you want to mentor others? Do you want to manage complex projects? Do you want to contribute as an individual member of a team? Are you relocating and need to find a job in another city or country? Many types of roles for experienced professionals with industry experience are available for you in dozens of geographical locations worldwide.

Experienced industry professionals who join us bring knowledge and professionalism to their jobs and contribute quickly in their careers, while finding fellowship with similar individuals who are already part of Team Fugro.

Fugro Alumni

Have you worked for Fugro in the past and have found that your time with us was more rewarding, challenging and engaging than your current job? We generally welcome back individuals who have worked here in the past and have grown their skills and experience elsewhere.

Other Professional Skills

Even if you have not worked in our industry, your professional skills may be transferrable. We have many jobs which utilise general skills, or can adapt other skills into Fugro-specific roles. If you have proven talent, a good track record, adaptability, and the desire to learn and grow, we want you to consider Fugro for the next step in your career.

Join Team Fugro

Working at Fugro will provide you the type of job and day-to-day challenges which enrich your professional career and allow you to apply your knowledge, skills and abilities towards your own success, all while contributing to the success of Fugro and our clients.

Join Team Fugro