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Sustainability commitment and approach

Over the coming decades, population growth and urbanisation will lead to an increasing demand for energy, water, food, minerals, metals, buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure. These global trends lead to massive challenges for the world, most notably climate change. Meeting these challenges requires companies, governments and individuals to work together, take action and create sustainable solutions. 

Sustainability for Fugro means continuously re-thinking what we do and how we do it, to further expand our contribution to a safe and liveable world, both now and in the future.  Achieving our sustainability objectives whilst balancing the need to integrate sustainability into our daily routines creates challenges, driving us to think about how we create value in the long term and how to balance economic growth with positive social and environmental impact on the world around us.

Fugro has defined nine sustainability focus areas that are important for our stakeholders and ourselves: health and safety, diversity and equality, talent development, life-long learning, carbon footprint, sustainable innovation, compliance, business ethics and stakeholder engagement. For these focus areas we have clear programs and objectives in place

We apply Geo-data to help create a safe and liveable world

United Nations sustainable development goals

United Nations’ sustainable development goals are a call for action by all countries, companies and organisations to promote prosperity for all while protecting the planet. While ultimately governments are being asked to deliver on the SDGs, they cannot be realised without engagement by companies in the private sector like Fugro. Companies have a critical role to play as drivers of innovation and technology and engines of economic growth and employment. With its nine focus areas, Fugro actively impacts 8 of the 17 interconnected SDGs.

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