Sustainability approach and ambitions

Fugro is committed to conducting its business ethically and responsibly and contributing to sustainable development. This requires balancing short and long term interests of our stakeholders and integrating economic, social and environmental considerations into decision making.

Fugro’s vision is to contribute to a safe and liveable world by being the world leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions. With its solutions, Fugro delivers an essential contribution to sustainability, as Fugro’s services enable clients to make sustainable use of the Earth and its resources and build assets.

Fugro’s code of conduct embeds key aspects of its approach to sustainability. Fugro uses the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises as reference, covering topics like anti-corruption and bribery, human rights, competition and anti-trust and intellectual property. Fugro operates internationally, and complies with relevant local laws and regulations.

Fugro’s people make the difference in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Fugro is an equal opportunity employer that promotes diversity and has as core value that we treat everyone with integrity and respect, irrespective of race, religion or background. Fugro has a broad global presence. It promotes strong local presence and benefits from this diversity as this contributes to understanding challenges and complexities from a local point of view.

Safety is key to all Fugro’s operations, and therefore an essential element of its sustainability approach. Fugro is committed to providing a safe working place for all its employees, subcontractors and clients. Fugro management takes a proactive approach towards creating a safe working environment for all employees and is accountable for promoting continued safety education and training. Fugro firmly believes that incidents can be prevented.

Fugro is committed to avoid any damage to the environment. Fugro has assets, processes and solutions in place that assist its clients and other partners in limiting the impact on the environment during operational activities. Reducing the environmental impact of Fugro’s own operations is of course also an essential part of its sustainability approach.

Fugro’s sustainability agenda is set by the Board of Management. Sustainability topics relevant to Fugro are managed and monitored by the appropriate corporate directors responsible for legal, human resources, QHSSE and IT. Fugro’s operating companies are responsible for local implementation of relevant practices within the policy framework set by the Board of Management. In 2017, Fugro will further develop its policies relating to sustainability and reporting on performance.

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