Social topics

In 2016, an internal and external shareholder consultation has resulted in 4 material social topics.

Employee health & safety

Fugro is committed to provide a safe working place to its employees, third party staff and clients. Fugro strives to achieve a zero accident and incident rate and promotes continued safety education for its employees.

Focusing on employee health and safety is an integral part of operational management. Fugro firmly believes that incidents can be prevented and has therefore implemented a HSSE management system at all levels of the organisation. Fugro’s HSSE management system establishes and defines the corporate vision, policy and principles regarding health, safety, security and environment for Fugro. All operating companies have to comply with this management system. Fugro continuously reviews potential areas of improvement and ensures thorough evaluation of every incident.

All key operating companies (those with a relatively high safety risk profile) need to operate according to standards and Fugro strives to achieve high coverage of operating in accordance with OHSAS 18001, the world’s most recognised occupational health and safety management systems standard, or equivalent certification. Two more operating companies achieved OHSAS 18001 accreditation by the end of 2016. By the end of 2016, 96% of Fugro’s key operating companies are certified or close to certification.

Employee training and development

Its employees are one of Fugro’s greatest strengths. The company works continually at developing its employees by supporting the development of their skills and talents and enhancing their knowledge. This contributes to creating a motivating and interesting work place. The internal Fugro Academy is instrumental in the further development of social, technical and management skills of employees at all levels.

In 2016, the Fugro Academy celebrated the first decade of operating since its inception. Fugro Academy combines class room, onsite and virtual training and live marine training at its Plymouth (United Kingdom) and Abu Dhabi (UAE) facilities. Over time, the range and depth of courses available to staff has continued to grow. Selected courses use external expert support.

Talent attraction and retention

Fugro is a service provider and working with motivated, engaged employees is critical to the business. Fugro is committed to attract talented staff and keep employee turnover limited.

Recruiting, developing, retaining and engaging a diverse pool of talent is key to the future of Fugro. At the same time, this is a challenge in a period that Fugro is restructuring vigorously to deal with a strong revenue decline due to the low oil price. Irrespective of restructuring, the company maintained its focus on developing its leadership pipeline continued in 2016, building on the work commenced since 2014.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Fugro is committed to provide fair terms and conditions of employment and provide equal opportunity for all. Every employee has equal opportunity to develop his/her skills and talents and advance within the organisation. Recruitment of employees, evaluation, promotion, development, discipline, compensation, and termination decisions are based on qualifications, merit, and performance or business considerations.

Fugro believes that a diverse workforce is a key competitive advantage. The organisation’s success is a reflection of the quality and skills of its richly varied global talent base. Diversity recognises and values the contributions of people with varying capabilities, experience and perspectives, including gender, age, ethnicity and religious and cultural background.

At the end of 2016 Fugro had 10,530 full-time employees worldwide. The company has the ambition to drive sustainable improvements in gender diversity at all levels of the organisation. The overall female representation was 18% in 2016. Fugro is committed to improve this ratio over time and will benefit from a slow global trend of women entering technical professions.

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