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Material topics

At the basis of the sustainability framework is a materiality assessment performed in 2016 to identify the most relevant topics for both the company and its stakeholders, covering social, environmental and compliance related topics.

The resulting nine material topics fully support Fugro’s business objectives and our purpose, and are integrated into our decision making and reporting. The sustainability framework reinforces both the implementation of our strategy and our contribution to a number of key UN Sustainable Development Goals.

FUGRO Materialiteitsmatrix

In 2018 we worked on improving our policies, processes and monitoring of and reporting on the material topics. The main achievements in 2018 were the establishment of a groupwide diversity ambition, a first assessment of the application of living wages throughout the company, enhanced focus on working welfare principles, the implementation of a cloud-based global human resources system providing enhanced insight into diversity throughout the group, and a completion rate of the groupwide Code of Conduct training in excess of 90%.

In 2019, we will further focus on reducing our own environmental footprint.  In addition, we will conduct a periodical review of the materiality matrix.

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