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Material topics

At the end of 2016, Fugro, in cooperation with an independent sustainability consultant, performed a materiality assessment in order to identify the most relevant sustainability topics for the company and its stakeholders covering economic, environmental and social impacts. Materiality refers to the threshold at which topics become sufficiently relevant to be reported and are therefore important to Fugro’s business and stakeholders.

The assessment started with a long list of topics and eventually the selection process resulted in the nine materials topics as shown in the four upper right quadrants of the materiality matrix.

material topics
o r g u F f o s r e dlo h ekat s l a n r e t xe r o f e cn a v e l e R Very relevant Human rights
Sustainable supply chain
Carbon footprint Employee health & safety
Business ethics & anti-corruption
Waste management and effluents
Engergy and resource management
Support of local communities
Regulatory & legal compliance
Diversity & equal opportunity
Stakeholder engagement
Employee training & development
Sustainable innovation & services
Talent attraction & retention
Less relevant Water resource management
Environmental accidents and remediation
Tax policy
Environmental compliance
Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Less relevant Relevance for Fugro Very relevant

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