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Fugro is committed to conducting its business ethically and responsibly and contributing to sustainable development. This requires balancing short and long term interests of our stakeholders and integrating economic, social and environmental considerations into decision making. Fugro’s vision is to contribute to a safe and liveable world. With its solutions, Fugro delivers an essential contribution to sustainability, as Fugro’s services enable clients to make sustainable use of the Earth and its resources and build assets.

Sustainability commitment and approach

Fugro is committed to contributing to a safe and sustainable world by being the world leading provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions.

Material topics

Fugro has estabilished a materiality matrix identifying key sustainability topics for its stakeholders, serving as the basis to develop Fugro’s sustainability.

Sustainability targets

Fugro is committed to reduce its operational environmental impact through a set of mid to long term targets.

United Nations sustainable development goals

Fugro focusses on 5 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where we consider our contribution the most meaningful.

United Nations Global Compact

In 2021 Fugro became a participant of the United Nations Global Compact. Fugro actively supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Ocean Science Initiatives

Fugro is proud to lead private industry in support of two global ocean science initiatives that aim to fill the sizeable gaps that currently exist in ocean data, information, and knowledge.

ESG ratings

Various organisations include Fugro in their ESG rating systems and benchmarks. Investors and clients increasingly use these ratings as part of their decision making processes.

Long-term value creation model

Our value creation model shows how we use the resources, capabilities and expertise at our disposal to create value for our stakeholders.

Fugro’s responsible vessel recycling

Our commitment to people and the planet includes minimising our vessels’ impact on the environment during design, construction, and operations, and at the end of their lifetime.

Code of conduct

Fugro’s code of conduct explains the fundamental way we strive to conduct our business.


Over recent years, taxation has become a topic of societal debate. Fugro believes a responsible approach to tax is an integral part of doing business sustainably.

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