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Fugro operates a fleet of specialised multipurpose survey vessels equipped with state-of-the-art survey spreads. We continue to invest and expand our already extensive survey vessel fleet with world-class dedicated, specialised vessels to meet demands in the deepwater, coastal and renewables markets.

The challenges posed by the ever more remote and extreme environments of new offshore energy developments has meant geophysical survey vessels have had to evolve. We have invested in a global initiative which aims to replace older tonnage and differentiate new, innovative survey vessels from what is currently available in the market. Our aim is to provide you with the most innovative, productive solutions for your project. 

Our new offshore survey vessels (the FSSV 65 range) were developed in close cooperation with clients. As a leading criterion, they are the newest and most advanced offshore survey vessels in the world. 

Designed to cater to Fugro specifications, our DP1 vessel is an acoustically quiet vessel outputting data of a significantly better quality. Fitted with the latest survey equipment, it’s the most advanced vessel of its type in the world.

Our multi-tasking DP1 vessels are :

  • Fitted with a permanently mobilised suite of high resolution geophysical and hydrographic survey equipment, including a multibeam, a new generation parametric sub-bottom profiler and solid digital seismic streamers
  • Fitted with environmental, geotechnical and ROVSV equipment deployed using both stern and side hydraulic A-frame handling equipment
  • Fully networked to provide plug-and-play interconnectivity and make use of our dual DGPS high precision surface positioning and HiPAP acoustic underwater positioning
  • Multiple off-line data processing workstations that facilitate quality control analysis and enable on-board reporting. Data can be assembled, analysed and interpreted in a fully integrated manner
  • Able to carry out the full range of site and route survey tasks to obtain the high resolution data necessary for safe, efficient and cost-effective planning, design and engineering activities for the installation of pipelines, platforms, manifolds, wind turbines and other seabed structures
  • Focused on high quality, high resolution data acquisition

Our survey instrumentation and vessel configurations provide you with the detailed mapping you need for safe and cost-effective offshore operations and engineering design. With our vessels, we are able to give you high quality site investigation services worldwide.

Our new standard deepwater survey vessels include:

Fugro Brasilis
Fugro Equator
Fugro Galaxy
Fugro Searcher
Fugro Venturer

We have also recently invested in a series of dedicated coastal survey vessels (the FOSCV 53 range), suited for offshore wind energy projects, offshore cable and pipeline corridor design and nautical hydrographic charting programmes. Fitted with the latest survey equipment, these new vessels are the most advanced of their type.

They are capable of carrying out the full range of site and route survey tasks to obtain the high resolution data necessary for safe, efficient and cost-effective planning, design and engineering activities.  The FOSCV 53 range is specifically designed for the installation of wind turbines, as well as pipelines, platforms, manifolds and other seabed structures.

With a full range of cranes and winches as well as moon pools, our vessels benefit from dynamic positioning and even include facilities for light geotechnical investigations (vibrocores and cone penetration testing).

Our survey vessels are Installed with the latest specialist systems for high-resolution multibeam surveys and complimentary geotechnical and investigation services. They are fitted with:

  • Multibeam echosounders
  • Sub-bottom profilers
  • Acoustic positioning system
  • Other  acoustic/sonar systems deployed in and around the custom-built box-keel
  • Fugro proprietary satellite positioning systems
  • Sources for precise motion, heading and positioning data
  • VSAT for worldwide transfer of all acquired data processed on-board

Our new coastal survey vessels include:

Our shallow water survey fleet vessels are designed to carry out surveys in navigable rivers and coastal waters. They can operate up to 60 nautical miles from port, including outside territorial waters. Tasked with collecting data in some of the most challenging locations, these vessels are both versatile and reliable. They form an integral part of our shallow transition zone, nearshore asset integrity and site characterisation capabilities.

The fleet is permanently equipped with the most up-to-date surveying and positioning technology, ready to embark on a range of nearshore surveys:

  • Aggregate resource
  • Coastal engineering
  • Debris detection
  • Depth of burial
  • Environmental
  • High resolution seismic
  • Nautical charting
  • Pipeline and cable route
  • Scour monitoring
  • Shallow water using small remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)
  • Vessel-based high-resolution laser scanning
  • Wind farm development and monitoring

Our Nearshore survey vessels include:

Our other new build survey vessels include:

Fugro Helmert Flyer

Kobi Ruegg Flyer

  • World class efficient vessels
  • Crewed by a team of dedicated specialists
  • Purpose-built for market requirements
  • State-of-the-art systems and equipment
  • Built to high specification
  • Meet all HSE requirements