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We own the world’s largest fleet of dedicated geotechnical vessels. Our vessels have unique deepwater drilling capabilities in water depths to 3000m, are equipped with proprietary drilling technology and are fitted with state-of-the-art on-board systems. Discover how our vessels can enhance the execution of your geotechnical project.

Our geotechnical drilling vessels are specifically designed to address the varying demands of the shallow, deepwater and ultra-deepwater markets. They have several features which enhance overall productivity and can also be fitted with other survey equipment to accommodate your unique needs.

Our vessels can operate independently in remote regions around the world and are able to deploy the full suite of Fugro speciality in-situ testing and sampling equipment. Most of our vessels allow integrated investigation methods, including seabed and downhole in-situ testing and sampling, to be deployed during a single site investigation programme.

Our vessels maintain (semi) automated pipe and tool handling equipment and safe drilling floor operations for downhole and seabed sampling and testing in up to 3000m water depth. They are fitted with either 4-point mooring systems and/or dynamic positioning (DP) station-holding capability and maintain on-board soil testing laboratories.


  • Drilling system for geotechnical boreholes
  • Various seabed testing systems
  • Specialised Fugro Geotechnical testing tools
  • Geological investigations
  • Investigation for various foundation types
  • Investigation for pipeline routes

Our specifically designed multi-purpose drilling vessel can bring both geotechnical drilling and well intervention capabilities to your project. These features complement MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Units) based operations.

Depending on the water depth at any given location, in addition to highly specialised well intervention tasks, the vessel can also operate in niche subsurface markets and is able to drill from the mud line down to approximately 3,000 below the seabed. Using our extensive drilling knowledge and experience, we can also install and construct the shallow sections of subsea wells and seafloor infrastructure on your behalf.


  • Cost effective solutions for drilling and well operations
  • Drilling system for sinking geotechnical boreholes
  • Subsea and well activity
  • Conductor / casing installations
  • Well de-risking
  • Pre-drill activities
  • Top hole drilling
  • Well intervention
  • Well abandonment

Our offshore geotechnical capabilities make us the largest global provider of marine geotechnical site services. With our fleet of dedicated geotechnical drilling vessels at hand, we are able to provide tailored solutions in all the offshore regions of the world – from any shallow nearshore wind farm environment to any remote ultra deepwater oil & gas project.

Our services include:

  • Field data acquisition capabilities complemented by desk top studies, advanced laboratory testing, numerical and physical modelling of foundations, engineering analyses and consultancy
  • We can deliver a total package from conceptual design, through to installation, operation and field abandonment
  • Our in-depth experience, technological capability and global spread allow us to provide the best possible solutions for the design, installation and operation of offshore facilities anywhere in the world

Fugro Synergy

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