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Our unique SONICaliper™ is a cost-effective quality assurance tool that removes construction uncertainty by providing real-time inspection for deep foundation excavations such as drilled shafts, slurry walls (barrettes) and secant pile walls.

Using sonar technology, SONICaliper™ provides accurate 360°, three-dimensional measurements enabling excavations to be quality-checked by our highly skilled employees who have experience in all conditions before the reinforcement cage is inserted and the concrete is poured. Becoming a solution for multiple complex site solutions faced daily in this industry.

The SONICaliper™ provides a full 360° profile through dynamic testing. It determines the diameter, assesses the verticality, and calculates the volume of deep foundation excavations.

Typically, the SONICaliper™ takes a profile every 3 m inside a steel casing and every 1.2 m in an open excavation to ensure the foundation is cylindrical.

Immediately after the excavation has been measured, the SONICaliper™ uses our in-house software to transform its highly accurate readings into calculations and ‘as constructed’ images of the excavation profile, including a three-dimensional model – a welcome opportunity to ‘see’ the foundations true shape.

Having reviewed and assessed all the available information, the engineer, designer and contractor can all feel confident that the foundation shaft or wall has been manufactured to the correct specification and meets the required quality standards.

Additional profiles can be taken if any anomalies or non-specification conditions are identified in shaft volume, diameter or verticality. The anomalies can then be evaluated in terms of their impact on shaft quality before and long-term integrity and the reinforcement cage is inserted, and the concrete is poured.

  • Provides a cost-effective way to control and assure the quality of deep foundation excavations
  • Requires no more than 10 minutes set-up time
  • Captures each elevation profile in less than one minute – profiling a 30 m shaft with 9 m of casing takes between 20 and 25 minutes
  • Provides real-time data (60 to 400 data points per scanned level) and results
  • Is accurate to less than once centimetre
  • Are lightweight (6 kg) and compact (46 cm high and 17 cm wide)
  • Generates reports within minutes of completing the final excavation profile
  • Operates independently of drill rigs and other construction equipment
  • Can be used in all types of weather – all aspects of the SONICaliper™ are ruggedised, including its Panasonic ToughBook®
  • Is effective in wet or dry environments, including water, bentonite, polymer, and mineral slurries
  • Profiles drilled shafts with a diameter between 0.5 and 3 meters
  • Can be used to a depth of 100 meters
  • Enables anomalous and non-specification conditions to be investigated at an early stage
  • Enables the reinforcement cage to be placed in a controlled way, informed by precise alignment and verticality measurements
  • Committing to the ever-evolving needs of our clients
  • Involvement in professional organisations to keep up with industry trends
  • Informs concrete supply and placement control, based on a defined excavation volume

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