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Cable analyst II

Cable Analyst II, an extension to Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop, is an intuitive and robust software solution for designing, engineering and managing submarine cable routes.

Cable Analyst II provides configurable GIS solutions for the various phases of submarine cable management, design and engineering. As an extension to ArcGIS Desktop, Cable Analyst II takes advantage of the rich and robust geospatial functionalities offered by ArcGIS. The vast amount of datasets (public or private) that are readily available in ArcGIS format contribute to the enhanced solution that Cable Analyst II offers for managing cable repositories and designing and engineering submarine cable routes.

Cable Analyst II is offered in a tiered structure, designed to target specific requirements of the submarine cable industry. Each tier builds on the previous one; higher tiers incorporating the functionality of the previous level(s).

Tier 1 – RPL and SLD import/export

Provides wizards for importing route position lists from various formats into ArcGIS format and exporting route position lists and straight line diagrams in Excel format.

Tier 2 – Cable repository management

Provides functionalities for creating, populating and managing cable databases and a logical structure to submarine cable data.

Tier 3 – Cable route design and engineering

Provides advanced tools for designing and engineering submarine cable routes and implementing route design criteria based on the GIS dataset and user-defined configurations.

Cable Analyst II presents a robust and complete solution for the management, design and engineering of submarine cable routes.

  • Enables users to match functionality to their needs via its tiered structure
  • Simplifies tasks for creating, populating and managing cable repositories
  • Streamlines the workflow for performing analysis and providing the information needed for designing and engineering a submarine cable route
  • Operates within a powerful GIS environment

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