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C-MAP CM-93 viewer

C-MAP CM-93 Viewer integrates one of the most comprehensive vector chart databases, the C-MAP CM-93 database, with the world’s most popular desktop Geographic Information System application, ArcGIS, by Esri.

C-MAP CM-93 Viewer, an extension to Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop, provides ArcGIS users with access to the most complete, worldwide, vector-based, nautical chart data available.

It enables users to view navigational chart quality data in ArcGIS - making it a true Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) - while maintaining the georeferencing and layering capabilities of a GIS.

  • View nautical chart data as a background layer with other layers
  • Pan and zoom to display the desired detail at any location
  • Turn layers on or off within the CM-93 dataset
  • Constrain the resolution of the dataset
  • 3D viewing capability (requires ArcGIS 3D Analyst)

The C-MAP CM-93 Database

The CM-93 database is intended for use on advanced electronic charting and navigation systems. It has been developed specifically to meet international electronic charting standards. The database is S-57/3 compliant and designed specifically for Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), which satisfy International Maritime Organization performance standards.

The C-MAP chart database is continually updated, based on official Notice to Mariners publications. In addition, new charts are incorporated in the database on a priority list, which reflects specific requests from users and manufacturers.

C-MAP CM-93 Viewer is valuable to anyone using ArcGIS who needs nautical charts.

  • Eliminate paper charts
  • Combine nautical chart data with other data types
  • Operate within a powerful GIS environment
  • Select the resolution and content that suits your application
  • Fully compatible with Cable Analyst II, Fugro's GIS-based planning, data management and route design tool for the submarine cable industry

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