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Seabed seismic acquisition

Seabed Geosolutions (100% Fugro owned) provides you with a clearer, more accurate picture of hydrocarbon prospects, reservoir characteristics and potential geohazards. Seabed Geosolutions is one of the leading ocean bottom seismic acquisition contractors in the world, and offers a broad range of seabed acquisition and data processing services, resolving ambiguity and complexity in the exploration and development of oil and gas fields.

From operational preparation and planning, through the deployment and recovery of ocean bottom cables and nodes, to the processing and analysis of resultant data, Fugro and Seabed Geosolutions optimise the speed, efficiency, quality and safety of seabed acquisition. Providing you with critical insight that enables you to make confident, informed decisions on field and infrastructure development.

Seabed Geosolutions is a trusted expert in a range of challenging environments in water depths up to 3000 meters, leveraging decades of operational knowledge and global expertise with more than 38,000 km2 of 3D ocean bottom seismic (OBS) data acquired since 2005.

Seabed Acquisition Services

  • Shallow water and transition zone
  • Intermediate depth and deepwater
  • 4D reservoir monitoring

Acquisition Solutions

  • 4D seismic solutions
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Arctic solutions
  • Multiclient solutions

Post-Acquisition Services

  • Processing
  • Interpretation
  • Reservoir characterisation

More information is available from Seabed Geosolutions.

We offer a truly integrated, custom-designed programme for the most complex subsurface imaging issues, based on a carefully planned seismic programme that considers the specific characteristics and challenges of each project.

In collaboration with your geoscientists and CGG’s reservoir services team, we create models of the acquisition programme and identify how best to carry it out.  This involves the full spectrum of acquisition technologies, together with the processing, analysis and interpretation of both new and legacy seismic data.

Survey Optimisation

Leveraging our extensive experience, we guide the survey optimisation process, helping you to evaluate and design programmes that consider local terrain, HSE and environmental constraints, permits and regulations, the illumination of the chosen target and the available budget.

Acquisition in Challenging Environments

We specialise in seismic acquisition in the remote, sensitive and congested areas where hydrocarbons are often found, including the 'transition zone' between land and marine seismic operations. We deploy a variety of technologies from 3C receivers in marsh areas to airguns and 4C cable and nodes in deep water offshore environments. With careful processing, we can create a single seismic volume, incorporating data from all types of source and receiver.

Fracture Identification and Analysis

Knowledge of fractures is important for understanding the fluid pathways and fluid flow within a reservoir, and for identifying unconventional and tight gas opportunities.  We provide a robust, direct approach to fracture analysis and the identification and mapping of anisotropic properties that indicate the orientation and density of fractures, as well as potential porosity.

Sub-surface Modelling and Reservoir Calculations

Multicomponent acquisition and processing can provide greatly improved imaging compared to conventional data. The additional information leads to a more accurate model of the sub-surface and a significant improvement in the image of the reservoir. This also allows more accurate interpretations of bounding faults and reservoir volume calculations.

Lithology Discrimination

Seismic inversion provides estimates of rock properties used to identify lithologies and fluids. Our multicomponent data can help discriminate between sand, shale, carbonates and volcanics; estimate fluid, temperature and pressure changes during production; and identify gas and lithology bright spots.

Using seabed nodes and cables, Seabed Geosolutions provides full azimuth broadband seismic datasets that are relatively noise free, allowing you to better resolve reservoir complexity, constrain inversions and further define and refine reservoir development decisions.

Employing seismic data acquisition in water depths from 1 metre to 3,000 metres, we provide a range of optimised solutions, along with access to the processing, analysis and interpretation of data via our joint venture partner, CGG. This allows for a truly integrated, custom-designed programme for the most complex subsurface imaging issues.

Fugro and Seabed Geosolutions are committed to the development and application of advanced technologies and its research and development team comprises the industry's largest and most experienced group of geoscientists, engineers and programmers.

  • Advanced technology
  • Superior quality data
  • Seamless, full-spectrum service offering

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