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Preparing for a Wind Revolution: Integrated Site Characterization Reduces Project Risk

The Atlantic OCS is the starting point for offshore wind-based energy projects in the U.S and Fugro is adapting proven integrated site characterization services to the specific needs of the clients.

03 Aug 2020
Andrew Cooper & Elena Starchenko

Optical-band satellite images selected for satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) analysis require clear water with low turbidity. As a result, image selection processes exclude images with excess turbidity regardless of cause.

Images with water-column turbidity contain valuable information. Under certain conditions, vortex patterns in navigable waters are present in satellite imagery. Although vortex-induced turbidity excludes these images from SDB processing, the presence and shape of these vortices contain information relevant to hydrography. In this observational study, we use two case studies to describe vortex patterns and environmental conditions leading to their formation and then explore novel hydrographic survey applications of these phenomena.

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