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The Observational Method in real-time

The application of the Observational Method can contribute to an economic construction process and effective geotechnical risk management.

16 Oct 2015
R. Pot, F.P. Roelse, M.T. Van der Meer, B.R.I. Nuchi, J.P. Nelemans


Current project management practices and control of construction works lead to unfavourable conditions of its application. Throughout the realization of infrastructure, understanding of project risks and effective risk communication are relevant stakeholder responsibilities. In complex or high-risk projects, quick and informed decision-making is critical to prevent failure costs and disruption. A real-time overview of information is a key condition for decision-makers; supports risk communication and helps geotechnical engineers to identify geotechnical risks.
To improve conditions in which a construction team needs to operate, GeoRiskPortal is developed. This web-based interface simultaneously presents geotechnical data and time dependent risk in a single viewer. A priori risk assessments, real-time sensor
observations, and updated model results provide input for tailor made data visualisations. Colour projections are applied to communicate project risks and opportunities. Stakeholders and geotechnical experts were given access to a prototype of GeoRiskPortal. The application of decision support and interactive data visualisations on maps has proven to be very powerful to engage stakeholders and supported the interaction between geotechnical experts and non-technical stakeholders.


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