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Geotechnical conditions after an offshore well incident

A well incident may affect the geotechnical reliability of the well itself and that of a nearby offshore structure.

23 Nov 2015
Peuchen, L.J., Meijninger, B.M.L. and Drummen, T.W.A.
DOI: 10.1680/ecsmge.60678.vol1.009


Offshore well incidents can include (1) fluid and gas escape/seepage, (2) loss of drilling fluid, (3) drilling slow down or shut down and (4) well casing buckling. This paper describes re-assessment of geotechnical conditions after an offshore well incident. The focus is on detection of geotechnical features or geohazards that can control post-incident conditions, particularly shallow gas and excess pore pressure. Presented technologies include seismic reflection by use of ocean bottom nodes (OBN), acquisition of physical samples of gas in soil and measurement of pore pressure in gassy soil.


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