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Model tests and numerical simulations of liquefaction and lateral spreading - LEAP-UCD-2017 Simulation Team Fugro

Fugro participated in the Liquefaction Experiment and Analysis Projects (LEAP) by performing numerical simulations using two different constitutive models implemented in the software FLAC.

16 Nov 2019
Tsiaousi, D., Ugalde, J. and Travasarou, T.
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-22818-7_27

Fugro developed a calibration framework based on soil-specific laboratory test data considering multiple elements of dynamic response such as liquefaction triggering criteria (i.e., number of cycles to a specified strain and pore pressure ratio threshold) as well as post-triggering strain accumulation rate. The calibrated model parameters were subsequently used to obtain "Type B (blind)" predictions of the centrifuge experiments with the opportunity to refine after the centrifuge results were provided (Type C simulations). Overall, Fugro's blind predictions captured the centrifuge test responses well with small refinements needed during Type C simulations. Estimated deformations were within a factor of about two compared to the observed. The overall good comparison provides confidence in the proposed calibration framework, which can be implemented and used for different sand types and project conditions.

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