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High-tech advances in levee modeling and evaluation tools for flood risk management

Several pilot programs have been carried out in the region of Western Sacramento, California USA and The Netherlands to evaluate the state of the levees.

10 Sep 2012
R.F. Woldringh, M. O’Banion & C. Dean, M.T. van der Meer, C. Spoorenberg


Utilizing a methodology of automatic assessment based on defined criteria, a proprietary process called Rapid Engineering Assessment of Levees® was employed. It was selected because it offers significant advantages in flexibility and efficiency over conventional methods. The REAL® method incorporates levee geotechnical, geospatial and geological characteristics in its assessment and allows for systematic, consistent and repeatable evaluation at very closely spaced cross-section intervals and various water levels, 100 times faster than conventional work  flows. This paper will discuss the results of pilot programs included lessons learned and future developments, including some new developments implemented and tested in The Netherlands.


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