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G2 - The First Real-Time GPS and GLONASS Precise Orbit and Clock Service

A new combined GPS and GLONASS precise orbit and clock service named G2 is presented in this paper.

06 May 2009
T. Melgard, E. Vigen, K. de Jong, D. Lapucha, H. Visser, O. Oerpen


It is the first real-time GLONASS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service ever to be launched. The addition of GLONASS gives a total of about 50 GNSS satellites and is a significant improvement to navigation availability and reliability. The objective of this paper is to present the system, analyse the performance and show field results demonstrating the advantage of combining GPS and GLONASS. See Figure 1 for a picture of the GLONASS M satellites. 

The system presentation goes through all elements of the complete navigation solution: including the global reference station network; the real-time collection of GNSS data; the calculation process of precise orbits and clocks for both GPS and GLONASS; the PPP data distribution over geostationary satellites for global coverage, and finally the GNSS receiver solution at the user end.
Detailed accuracy analysis and statistics for the real-time orbits and clocks compared to IGS final products for both results are shown: from both benign and challenging environments and from both static and dynamic positioning. Even results from GLONASS-only precise orbit and clock real-time navigation are presented showing the full potential of GLONASS.


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