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Cyclic resistant geotechnical design and parameter selection for offshore engineering and other applications

Proceedings of the ISSMGE conference – TC 209 Workshop – Design for cyclic loading: piles and other foundations – Paris, 4 September 2013

04 Sep 2013
K. H. Andersen, A. A.A. Puech, R.J. Jardine

Cyclic loading due to wind, wave and wind-turbine loading is of crucial importance in offshore foundation engineering. Designers often have to consider cyclic bearing capacity and stiffness, as well as permanent displacements due to cycling and potentially changing patterns of soil reaction stresses. These features are illustrated by drawing on offshore engineering prototype observations, field, model and soil element testing studies before setting out cyclic design procedures for gravity base foundations, suction anchors, monopiles and deep driven piles. Similar approaches may be used to consider the geotechnical effects of cycling imposed by seasons, earthquakes, ice, machinery or other processes in applications ranging from sea barriers to large bridges and foundations to roads or high-speed trains. A main objective has been to offer guidance for obtaining the soil parameters for design of foundations under cyclic loading.


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