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Adaptive source and plume characterization for efficient model development under heterogeneous site conditions

The Voigtländer camera production site in Braunschweig was operated until 1972. The facility’s use of chlorinated solvents for grease removal led to significant soil and groundwater contamination.

10 Jun 2020
Martac, Eugeniu, Oppermann, Axel, Körner, Johannes, Thielecke, Sonja, Ihle, Tino, Bittens, Martin, Weiß, Holger, Horn, Herbert, Romey, Andreas
DOI: 10.1007/s00767-012-0187-z

The investigation and remediation methods that have been used at the site have not resulted in an acceptable level of remediation. Given the heterogeneous conditions, the site appears to be an excellent location for assessing the effectiveness of adaptive characterization strategies for investigations of contamination by chlorinated solvents. The Voigtländer source area no. V is being used as a demonstration site to assess the efficiency of different investigation and remediation methods under heterogeneous conditions.

An iterative (adaptive) investigation process was conducted with sequential improvements based on increased site understanding. The lithologic and hydraulic features that could create potential migration pathways were identified, and the spatial extent of the contaminant body within the source area and, by means of control planes, within the plume was delineated. Related 2D and 3D images of the site model provide solid support for assessments of the relative effectiveness of various remediation alternatives.

Published in the the Grundwasser, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp.31-38, March 2012


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