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We are currently performing more than 150 R&D projects with the focus on the development of new or improved data acquisition technologies, web based data management solutions and calculation models supporting our consultancy services. Our R&D and innovation activities are performed in the following centres of expertise: 

• R&D Centres – hardware and software development for data acquisition and analysis

• Consultancy Centres – data interpretation and risk models for consultancy

• Laboratories – testing and analysis of rock, soil, sediment and water samples

In our R&D Centres, we develop hardware and software for the acquisition of data regarding the Earth’s surface and subsurface. Our measuring and monitoring units are installed on aircraft, helicopters, vessels, ROVs, AUVs, trains, cars, trucks and both onshore and offshore constructions.

A significant part of our R&D activities concern improvements to existing technologies and the development of software for data transfer and information management. Key challenges include handling ‘big data’, real-time monitoring, cloud solutions, robotics and remote/autonomous systems. 

Our principal R&D Centres are located in the USA, Norway, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong and Australia.

CE_RD Centres March2015
Consultancy Centres develop data interpretation methods and risk models for consultancy services such as geotechnical engineering, geological hazard assessments, water resources, flood management studies, metocean and geospatial modelling, and marine environmental impact assessments. The key challenge of these centres is the analysis, integration and transformation of large amounts of real-time data into information for decision makers. The Consultancy Centres provide technical support to Fugro’s local consultancy groups around the world.

Our main Consultancy Centres are based in the USA, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.
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Fugro has a global network of more than fifty independent geotechnical, construction materials and marine environment laboratories. Having dedicated testing facilities enables us to safeguard the quality and reliability of survey results for our clients. All of our laboratories use state-of-the-art equipment to perform testing, analysis and reporting to local and internationally accepted standards. 

At our geotechnical laboratory facilities, we analyse soil and rock samples for onshore and offshore projects around the world. Our construction materials testing laboratories maintain industry-recognised certifications and practices to sample, test, observe and verify construction materials and methods.

At our marine environmental laboratories in the UK, we perform benthic, sediment, chemistry, microbiology and water quality analysis for marine environmental impact assessments and feasibility studies.

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