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Fugro is leading the transition to remote and autonomous operations and through our global network of remote operations centres (ROCs), we provide remote survey, inspection, piloting and positioning services to the maritime industry.

We have a global network of ROCs established in the Americas, Europe and Africa, Middle East and India, and the Asia-Pacific regions.  Our objective is to perform command and control operations, and offer clients a range of remote capabilities based on their individual requirements.


Risk mitigation

Up to 100 % of personnel removed from the offshore environment

Surety of programme

Expedited data delivery, including near-real-time data to meet the most demanding of delivery schedules

Client cost reductions

Proven client return on incremental investment (ROII) allied with flexible and scalable operations


Reduced carbon footprint due to USVs being deployed and reduced number of personnel mobilisations


Our global network of ROCs delivers industry-leading solutions and real-time insights so you can manage your offshore projects safely. Our continuous developments in remote operations support the industry’s remote and autonomous revolution. 

Fugro's best-in-class ROCs are the foundation for a highly scalable remote and autonomous future that is globally integrated, standardised for consistent high-level project execution that delivers tangible added-value benefits to each client project.

Applications range from low-bandwidth operations supporting a specific market, such as asset positioning, through to advanced high-bandwidth operations requiring sub-second latency for command and control of remote and autonomous assets.

Uncrewed surface vessels (USVs)

Blue Essence - Fugro Orca in Netherlands 02

Our USV fleet can perform high-speed hydrography, geophysical surveys, remote inspection and deployment, and command and control of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) managed from any ROC in the world. 

Our fleet is fitted with the latest in electronic hardware, software and artificial intelligence, which allows for a scalable and flexible project scope based on time-critical decisions.

Remote inspections and ROV piloting

Remote inspection technology is based on advanced streaming technology that allows onshore inspection engineers to visualise, command and control ROVs from an ROC. Over 400 hours of remote ROV piloting have been successfully completed from our global network of remote operation centres.

  • Remote inspection is enabled through ROV video, synchronised data compression and optimised streaming
  • Live streaming is delivered through a secure web interface and accessible by clients from a mobile device
  • Survey data and video frames are sent in the same package that allows inspection engineers, data processors and clients to work on the same database in real time
  • Sense.Structures, Fugro’s proprietary inspection database, can import and export third party datasets
  • Faster data insights are achieved through simultaneous compilation of data during live operations. Additional efficiencies are obtained through near-real-time data quality control

Remote Survey


Our patented OARS ® secure cloud-based technology, optimised for low-bandwidth communications, allows survey and positioning operations to be executed through any of our global ROCs.

Remote data processing

Remote data processing is undertaken via the ROC using Back2Base™ technology, which can safely reduce the offshore crew by up to four people. Onshore data analysis in our ROCs includes multibeam echosounder (MBES) data processing, eventing, listings, quality control and generation of deliverables.

The ROCs use Sense.Suite, a bespoke cloud-based solution designed to capture, store, process, model, report and allow clients access to the data. Combined with the latest high-resolution sensors, Sense.Suite provides an immersive 3D visualisation and detailed reporting application that is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Safer, faster and better-quality data acquisition available in near real time from anywhere in the world
  • Machine-learning-based automation of marker placement

Remote Expert

A low-bandwidth technology that enables our ROC-based experts to support offshore personnel anywhere in the world through augmented reality headsets.


Remote Expert allows for video stream and audio (VSAT low bandwidth and latency) to a customised web interface and dashboard that is accessible by our remote experts. It also uses an augmented reality (AR) functionality offering marker placement.

  • Expert assistance from anywhere in the world
  • Faster decision-making and reduced downtime

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