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Fugro is incorporating industry-leading experience to spearhead the design, construction and deployment of the world’s most ambitious uncrewed surface vessel fleet to support subsea inspection, construction support, and hydrographic and geophysical surveys. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the maritime industry’s mission for safer, faster and more sustainable operations.

Fugro Blue Shadow®

Fugro Blue Shadow® has been designed for safe and efficient hydrographic and geophysical survey operations for medium to large scale projects, in both nearshore and offshore environments.

Its wave-piercing design and stability enables greater weather tolerance and the ability to operate in high sea states. Equipped with dual-band radar, automatic identification system (AIS) and 360° view cameras (including infrared for night operations), Fugro Blue Shadow® has advanced situational awareness and incorporates both obstacle and collision avoidance within its navigation software to ensure operations are conducted to the highest safety standards.



  • Fast acquisition of high-quality data and improved project schedule using the force multiplier capability
  • Improved safety through autonomous operations reducing HSSE exposure for offshore personnel
  • Lower operational carbon footprint due to reduced fuel consumption   
  • High-quality data ensured through adverse weather conditions due to wave-piercing design

Fugro Blue Essence® (12 m) and Fugro Blue Eclipse® (18 m)

Fugro’s Blue Essence® and Blue Eclipse® (to be launched in 2023) USVs come with a Blue Volta® electrical remotely operated vehicle (eROV) and launch-and-recovery system. This is a unique solution for efficient inspection requiring no offshore crew.


  • Reduced HSSE exposure, with a reduction of up to 100 % of personnel
  • Increased sustainability by reducing fuel consumption to up to 95 % less than that of conventional vessels
  • Optimised and efficient data acquisition and reporting, accessible by any Fugro remote operations centre (ROC)
Fugro Blue Essence leaving port

Fugro Blue Volta® (eROV)

The world’s most advanced remotely operated vehicle (ROV), with deployment from an uncrewed surface vessel (USV), and equipped with the latest in electronic hardware, software and artificial intelligence (AI).

Whilst retaining the capability to be operated conventionally from an ROV survey vessel, barge, platform or rig, the Blue Volta® is also the world’s first ROV designed to be remotely controlled from Fugro’s global network of ROCs as an over-the-horizon ROV without needing a parent vessel or ROV pilot nearby.

Blue Volta on Seabed visual


  • Improved navigation, stability and communications for the purpose of data acquisition and light intervention
  • High-definition (HD) camera and sensors for high-quality imaging of cables, mooring lines, pipeline and subsea structures
  • Client real-time access to operations from anywhere 
  • Working depths of 450 m from a USV or, with simple modification, extendable to 1000 msw (metre seawater) for conventional crewed operations
  • Accommodates a wide range of sensors and tooling for inspection and light intervention including cathodic protection, inertial navigation system (INS), multibeam echosounder (MBES), twin photogrammetry booms and 7-function manipulator
Download Fugro Blue Volta® flyer

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