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Kaombo project – subsea metrology

TechnipFMC, a global leader in oil and gas projects, technologies, systems and services, contracted Fugro to conduct 72 metrologies for the Kaombo SURF development over a period of nine months.

The Kaombo project is located within Block 32 offshore Angola, where water depths range from 1,400 to 1,950 metres.

Kaombo is an ambitious ultra-deepwater project that includes the installation of over 400 structures and 300 km of pipelines. Spread out over nine months, the 72 metrologies supported the completion of the subsea piping systems, including rigid jumpers and spool pieces. 

A methodical tool was needed, to guide experienced personnel through the efficient planning, acquisition, calculation and reporting of the metrologies using a standardised approach. We worked with the TechnipFMC survey team to develop uMET, a software-based solution capable of meeting the Kaombo metrologies workflow requirements.

The uMET development began at contract award with a team of developers and metrology experts working together to make sure the solution was ready for the first metrology operation in February 2017.

The key focus of the uMET development was to ensure that the metrology operations were carried out as efficiently as possible, to minimise vessel time and ROV excursions. 

Interfaced directly to metrology sensors, uMET provided the survey team with real-time quality control and calculation statistics. This enabled them to make informed decisions during the operation and to minimise the need for reacquiring data.

Metrologies were performed using two vessels - The Bourbon Evolution 803 and the North Sea Atlantic. Ahead of the installation and metrology phases, we installed and calibrated more than 250 subsea transponders to support the Kaombo SURF campaign.

We carried out our metrologies using Sonardyne 6G GyroCompatts together with the existing array transponders and traditional long-baseline acoustic techniques. We measured receptacle depths using a Valeport VA500P sensor. This is a combined pressure and altimeter sensor.

It enabled us to measure the design route bathymetry using a combination of contact measurements at key areas and on-the-fly measurements in between. This approach resulted in a dense dataset, allowing engineers to fully understand the seabed topography along the design route.

After a few metrologies, the software maturity reached a satisfying confidence level for our client and it appeared that uMET was key to driving efficiency during the metrology, as it allowed the survey team to make informed decisions, completing the metrology and delivering quality controlled results in a standardised format to our client straight away.

The Kaombo project demonstrates our ability to deliver tailored solutions to our clients, to maximise efficiency offshore. The uMet software is also a flexible and resilient tool that can be used for any type of acoustic metrology activity. 

  • Client

  • TechnipFMC
  • Regions

  • Africa
  • Location

  • Block 32, Angola
  • Project Duration

  • February 2017 to November 2017


subsea metrologies

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