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Field Compaction Technology (FACT)

FaCTTM is a breakthrough in the design and construction control of cohesive fills.  FaCTTM removes the unknowns that geotechnical engineers and construction contractors have had to deal with on traditional control efforts, and thus provides the controls that engineers, contractors and owners have needed for decades. 

Our tools provide improved controls for the design of earthen fills to meet required engineering properties and allow functional construction specifications to be defined and used on site. This ensures that fill construction achieves the specified engineering requirements.

These services provide controls that achieve the same compaction standards in construction, without trial & error processes, without engineering compromise, without delays or production losses, with effective process control in real-time and field measurements that verify construction performance.

Based on an innovative breakthrough that uses compaction energy determinations to link compaction conditions to compaction performance, FaCTTM is able to define and report in advance of construction, both lift-specific compaction curves for construction and equivalent soil-specific compaction curves from lab compaction tests, and enabling control and definition of compaction performance in construction. These services are provided for any combination of compactor, fill soil, and lift thickness – using only soil index properties for definition of soil compaction performance.  

By providing the compaction controls that are directly applicable to the project conditions, FaCTTM enables standard compaction specifications to be achieved in construction without trial & error and with direct data verification in real-time. These controls are provided through Fugro’s compaction control reports which are advancements of Fugro’s prior lab compaction curve reports. 

FaCTTM can be used for either laboratory test curve controls or field curve controls. When laboratory test curves are used for controls, FaCTTM provides a full solution to the engineering control deficiencies of the traditional industry approach. When the actual field construction curves (i.e., curves generated by the actual compactors and field conditions) are used as controls, FaCTTM provides complete solutions to both the engineering and construction control deficiencies, thus providing real-time control in both engineering and construction, and a total problem solution for all project parties.

In summary, FaCTTM provides the following improvements over traditional process controls:

  • Effective controls that achieve standard compaction specifications with real-time data verification from routine monitoring
  • Full engineering control and improved construction control when using lab reference curves as control targets
  • Full engineering and construction control when using the actual field compaction curves generated by the compactors used in construction
  • Assurance that engineering & construction requirements are achieved in construction with direct data verification and records for all project parties
  • Minimises construction costs and schedule
  • Reduces construction risk with full QC/QA verification and recordation on every lift
  • Protects capital investment long term with enhanced operational performance and reduced life cycle maintenance costs

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