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The Fugro Blue Shadow™ is our next generation uncrewed surface vessel designed to increase data acquisition efficiency, reduce HSSE exposure and accelerate project schedules, providing the optimal and safest hydrographic solution.

Designed to deliver safe and efficient acquisition of high-quality data for hydrographic surveys, it supports safe navigation, sustainable economic development and protection of oceans and coasts. 

It’s compact and wave-piercing design enables greater weather tolerance and can operate in high sea-states and within coastal and offshore environments. 

Using industry-leading experience and innovation the Blue Shadow™ has been engineered for efficient, flexible and safer operations in both coastal and offshore environments. It acquires data using state-of-the art sensors that exceed all national hydrographic surveying standards.

The vessel’s advanced situational awareness capability is enabled by integrated radar and automatic identification system (AIS) to detect near and far targets for obstacle and collision avoidance during operations. Situational awareness is also achieved by vessel status monitoring sensors and 360-degree cameras ensuring continuous site visibility.

Efficient data acquisition is ensured through dynamic line planning functionality that enables the Blue Shadow™ to automatically adjust the survey line spacing and orientation based on the water depth, whilst maintaining the required multibeam echo sounder swath overlap. This provides extensive coverage of the seabed and data that exceeds all national accuracy standards. 

International Maritime Organisation compliant navigation and signal lights for 24/7 operations combined with back up positioning systems and an emergency anchor, ensure safe operations and reduces HSSE risk. A back up communications system with automatic operational transfer capability allows the Blue Shadow™ operator to monitor operations and if required, can take control of operations remotely.

With up to a 90 % reduction in CO2 emissions, the Blue Shadow™ lowers the carbon footprint of offshore operations, contributing to a more sustainable future and a safe and liveable world.

Specifically designed for the efficient collection of high-quality hydrographic data using the latest state-of-the-art sensors, the Blue Shadow™ can operate independently or as a force multiplier alongside a parent vessel. This enables the Blue Shadow™ to support a range of operations and can be used to scale and speed up the intensity of data collection in both the nearshore and offshore environments.

Key Features

  • Wave-piercing hull design provides a stable configuration for high-quality data acquisition
  • Gondola mounted sensors enables accurate data acquisition with low acoustic interference
  • Robust aluminium hull with fenders reduces downtime risk
  • Optimised situational awareness achieved through 360-degree camera including infrared, radar, AIS, weather station and vessel status monitoring sensors
  • Advanced vessel control software with obstacle and collision avoidance capabilities
  • Autonomous dynamic line planning capability to increase data acquisition efficiency
  • Force multiplier operations with a parent vessel increases productivity and reduces project schedule
  • Reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint ensures sustainable operations
  • Launch and recovery system including floating dock and cradle facilitates seamless servicing of the USV on the parent vessel deck when required
  • Fast acquisition of high-quality data and improved project schedule using the force multiplier capability
  • Improved safety through autonomous operations reducing HSSE exposure for offshore personnel
  • Lower operational carbon footprint due to reduced fuel consumption   
  • High-quality data ensured through adverse weather conditions due to wave-piercing design  

Blue Shadow flyer

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